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A Parent's Guide to Saving on Teen Auto Insurance

If your teens are approaching driving age, you may be wondering how to minimize the costs of insurance. While auto insurance policies for teen drivers are more expensive than insurance policies for adults, teenage drivers need auto insurance the most. After all, even though tens make up about 14 percent of all the drivers on U.S. road, they account for nearly 30 percent of all auto-related injuries. The good news is that you can get the coverage you need for your teen without breaking the bank. Here are some tips for saving on teen auto insurance.

Buy a Safe Used Car

One of the best ways to keep your teen’s auto insurance rates down is to buy a safe used car. Insurance companies typically offer discounts for modern safety features like anti-lock brakes, airbags, and stability control. Brand-new cars are also much more expensive to insure than vehicles that are three or four years old.

Encourage Good School Performance

There are a lot of reasons to encourage your children to do well in school, but you probably didn’t know that good attendance and a high grade-point average can help you negotiate up to a 10 percent discount for your teen’s auto insurance policy. Ask your local insurance agent about discounts and incentives for school attendance and good grades.

Teach Smart Driving Habits

Another surefire way to reduce your teen’s insurance costs is to minimize the risk of being involved in an accident. Although you can’t control all the factors that lead to crashes (including other drivers), you can teach your teen to be an attentive and safe driver in order to avoid accidents and moving violations.

The experienced insurance agents at Damberger’s Insurance Agency of Mountain View can help you find comprehensive auto coverage for your teen driver at the best rates. Contact us online if you have any questions, or call us at (866) 982-9181 to speak with one of our local insurance agents about your family’s coverage needs.

Understanding Your Homeowner's Insurance Policy

Insurance is something that most people would rather avoid until they need it most. However, taking a look at your homeowner’s insurance policy and understanding what is and isn’t covered can mean the difference of being able to rebuild your home and replace your personal belongings should a disaster occur. Here are some important aspects that you should be familiar with regarding your homeowner’s insurance policy. If you plan is inadequate, contact a local insurance agent to find the comprehensive coverage you need to protect your investment.


The deductible is the amount that you are responsible for before insurance coverage kicks in. Before you sign up for the highest possible deductible to reduce your monthly premium, consider whether you are financially and emotionally prepared to part with you cash if you have to make a claim on your home.

Replacement Cost vs. Actual Cash Value

Figure out whether your policy covers replacement cost or actual cash value. Replacement cost pays the policyholder the cost of replacing the damaged property without deduction for depreciation, but is limited to a maximum dollar amount. ACV covers the cost to replace your home minus depreciation costs for age and use.

Disaster Coverage

One of the most important aspects of any homeowner’s insurance policy is what type of coverage is included. Most homeowner’s insurance policies do not include disaster coverage, which includes flooding and earthquakes. Talk to an insurance agent today if your home is in a flood or earthquake danger zone and your current homeowner’s policy doesn’t include disaster coverage.

If you need help making sense of your homeowner’s policy, contact Damberger’s Insurance Agency today. Our local Mountain View insurance agents can analyze your current policy and determine whether you could save money on a different plan. Give us a call today at (866) 982-9181 to speak with an agent about homeowner’s insurance today.

What Are the Benefits of Watercraft Insurance?

If you are like most people who invest in boats, you want to protect your new asset in any way you can. Watercraft insurance is highly recommended for all boat owners near Mountain View, CA, who want to protect against potential losses caused by flood, fire, sinking, theft, or collision. Watercraft insurance offers a wide range of coverage, so you should always speak to a reputable insurance agent about what kind of protection suits your particular needs. For example, some policies cover eligible medical expenses if you are hurt during a collision or other disaster on the water. Liability coverage is useful if there is damage to others’ property. Damage coverage takes care of your boat, protecting the property in case of collision. Personal property coverage protects any personal property that is lost or damaged while on the boat.

Find out more about watercraft insurance by contacting Damberger's Insurance Agency at (650) 419-8637 today. All insurance policies are specific to individuals, and our experienced team will make sure you have the resources you need to restore your property after a disaster.

Filing a Home Insurance Claim After a Break-In

Insuring property against break-ins is one of the main reasons homeowners and renters alike purchase insurance near Mountain View, CA. If you have been the victim of a burglary, you may be unsure of what steps to take regarding insurance and the recovery or replacement of your property. Understanding the main tasks you need to accomplish in this time can make things much simpler.

Call the Police

First, call the police immediately. Almost all home and renters insurance companies require that insured parties contact the authorities right after a break-in. This policy enables insurance companies to identify your property if the thieves are caught. Provide your insurer with the case number assigned to you by the police. Even if you don’t have an exact list of what was stolen, try to provide your company with an initial assessment. You should also report any damage to your property at this time.

Make an Inventory

Next, make a list of all stolen items, including the brand name and when you purchased them. Try to determine how much it will cost to replace each item that was stored at your dwelling. Collect any documentation you have to prove that you owned these items, including receipts, credit card statements, or photos.

Talk to an Adjustor

Finally, your insurance company will send over an adjustor to get more details. The adjustor will probably ask questions about the cost of certain items, your income, and your debts. You should answer truthfully—the insurance company is simply trying to spot fraud in the form of individuals whose property value does not seem to match up with their income. Once the adjustor is satisfied, your insurance company will cut you a check to replace your stolen items.

Damberger's Insurance Agency is an experienced insurance agency with over 51 years of service to the community. Whether you need to learn more about how to file a home insurance claim or you are interested in homeowners or renters insurance, call us today at (650) 419-8637. Our insurance team will make sure you are prepared and covered for any disaster, including fires, floods, and break-ins.

Tips for Reducing Property Damage During an Earthquake

Homeowners insurance companies serving Mountain View, CA, are all too familiar with claims for property damage after natural disasters. Because earthquakes are common in California, it is essential to buy the proper homeowners or renters coverage and have a plan to ensure that damage to your beloved property is as minor as possible.

Unlike some other disasters, there is no season for earthquakes. To reduce property damage caused by an unforeseen earthquake, experts recommend first identifying objects in the home that could break or cause damage if they are jostled or fall. Look up to identify ceiling fans and chandeliers that need to be secured. You will also want to check wall fixtures for stability.

For the best in homeowners and renters insurance, look no further than Damberger's Insurance Agency. Our insurance agents are dedicated to ensuring that your most valuable assets are insured during an earthquake or any other disaster. Call us at (650) 419-8637 to learn more about our services.

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