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    Spotlight on Earthquake Insurance

    Last updated 4 days ago

    There are many different ways for your property to become damaged or lost, from automobile accidents to burglary. Unfortunately, sometimes even nature can cause damage to your home or belongings. 

    Although you may have homeowner’s insurance, your policy might not protect you from any type of damages sustained as a result of an earthquake. This is where earthquake insurance comes in handy. This type of insurance can provide a range of coverage; you may be reimbursed for your damaged home as well as the property you had inside of it. Perhaps most importantly, earthquake insurance should provide you with a place to stay in the event that your home is badly damaged and destroyed by an earthquake. Your coverage should also supply you with money for the process of relocating as well as laundry, groceries, and furniture rentals.

    Damberger’s Insurance is Mountain View’s home for insurance needs. Our business offers life insurance, disaster insurance, auto insurance, and more. If you would like to know more about our insurance services, please visit our website or call us at (866) 982-9181 to speak with one of our experienced insurance agents. 

    Tips for Purchasing Auto Insurance

    Last updated 11 days ago

    If you have never purchased auto insurance before, it is important to put in some research before making the final decision. There are various types of auto insurance policies that give you different types of coverage. Before purchasing auto insurance be sure to check your credit report and make sure that it is accurate. This is important because your credit score is used to determine your insurance rates. Look into the laws regarding minimum amounts of car insurance in your state. Many people choose to buy more than the minimum to lower the total out-of-pocket cost in the event of an accident. Watch this video for more tips on purchasing auto insurance. 

    If you are looking for comprehensive auto insurance in the Mountain View area, contact Damberger’s Insurance Agency at (866) 982-9181. We offer various types of insurance, including homeowner’s insurance, life insurance, and auto insurance. If you would like to learn more about our insurance policies, please visit our website or call and talk to one of our insurance agents today. 

    Examining the Benefits of Homeowner's Insurance

    Last updated 24 days ago

    There are many benefits to having homeowner’s insurance, but what some people do not know is that this extends beyond the walls of the home. Homeowner’s insurance can actually protect you in a variety of different situations, and may end up saving you thousands of dollars in the event of an accident or disaster. Keep reading to examine the benefits of homeowner’s insurance.

    Personal Liability Coverage

    Accidents happen, so it is a good idea to keep your insurance agent’s phone number on you at all times. If you accidentally cause any damage to a person and/or his property, your homeowner’s insurance may have you covered. Depending on your policy you may be covered for the property that you damage, the medical bills of a person you injured, and even legal defense in the event of an ensuing lawsuit.

    Lost Luggage Coverage

    Traveling can sometimes be inherently stressful, but this is always made worse if your luggage goes missing. However, stolen or lost luggage presents another situation where homeowner’s insurance can provide coverage outside of the home. Although there will typically be limitations and a deductible, you may be reimbursed for your lost possessions. In most cases your insurance agency will ask you to submit a list of the belongings that have gone missing with your luggage.

    Theft Coverage

    If you are out shopping and you have bags stolen out of your automobile, you may be inclined to view this as an auto insurance case. However, just because something is stolen from your car does not make it relevant to your auto insurance. In this case, homeowner’s insurance may cover your losses. This is subject to limitations and you can only make one claim, but it is a small annual fee with no deductibles. This is yet another benefit of having homeowner’s insurance.

    For more information about the benefits of having a comprehensive homeowner’s insurance policy, contact the professionals at Damberger’s Insurance Agency. We are proud to provide the Mountain View area with auto and homeowner’s insurance policies. If you would like to know more about what we can do for you, please visit our website or call us at (866) 982-9181 today to speak with one of our experienced insurance agents about our homeowner’s coverage options. 

    The Steps of Filing an Auto Insurance Claim

    Last updated 1 month ago

    If you find yourself in an automobile accident, you will need to file an auto insurance claim in order to receive compensation from your insurance company. It helps to know what information you will need to provide your insurance company with in order to resolve your claim efficiently. Read on to familiarize yourself with the steps of filing an auto insurance claim.

    Contact Your Insurance Company

    The first step of filing an auto insurance claim is to contact your insurance agent. You will need to provide your agent with your full name as well as your policy number. Your insurance agent will then ask you to describe what happened. Be sure to document the proper information of all parties involved in the accident including phone numbers, addresses, full names, license plate numbers, and driver’s license numbers.

    Evaluate Damage

    After providing your insurance agent with the proper information, you will meet with your claims professional and discuss the accident. Your claims professional will then provide a professional evaluation. This may involve the examination of injuries sustained by any party as well as the inspection of your vehicle. In some cases you may have to sign a statement regarding the events that transpired during the accident.

    Receive Compensation

    The final step in filing an auto insurance claim is receiving the compensation that you deserve as judged by the insurance company. The amount of money that is distributed will depend on the extent of damage to the vehicles involved in the accident as well as the people. The compensation will also depend on the type of coverage you have.

    If you would like to learn more about the steps involved in filing an auto insurance claim, call Damberger’s Insurance Agency at (866) 982-9181. We are a Mountain View insurance company that works with homeowners and automobile drivers. For more information about our competitive and comprehensive auto insurance policies, call us today or visit our website.

    Spotlight on SR-22s

    Last updated 1 month ago

    Not everyone is required to fill out an SR-22 form; however, it is relatively inexpensive and easy to obtain. An SR-22 is used to prove financial responsibility and it is mandatory for those who do not have car insurance. If you are involved in an automobile collision or a traffic offense and you are unable to show financial responsibility, you will need to acquire an SR-22 form from an insurance provider. Other individuals who may need this form include people with suspended driver’s licenses, those who are convicted of a DUI or a DWI, and people who repeatedly commit traffic offenses during a short timeframe. In order to obtain an SR-22 you must contact your car insurance provider; in most areas, it must be maintained for three years.

    If you would like to know more about SR-22s or automobile insurance, call Damberger’s Insurance Agency at (866) 982-9181. We offer various types of insurance in the Mountain View area, including comprehensive auto and motorcycle insurance policies. Visit our website to find out more about what we can do for you today.

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