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Why You Need Renter's Insurance

Most people know that every property owner needs homeowners insurance; however, individuals who rent their homes also need insurance in case of disaster or theft.

If you rent your property, damage to your belongings is not covered by your landlord’s homeowners insurance policy. While homeowners insurance, fire dwelling insurance, and flood insurance do cover damage to the unit or building, they will not cover your personal property. That means that if there is a fire, hurricane, tornado, or other natural disasters, you will have to sustain the financial burden of replacing any lost or damaged belongings. Many people falsely believe that renters insurance presents an insurmountable financial burden. In fact, renters insurance costs less than most people spend per month on coffee. If a disaster strikes, you will be reimbursed and will not have to put your entire life on hold.

Find out everything you need to know about homeowners insurance and renters insurance by calling Damberger’s Insurance Company at (650) 969-8445. Our insurance agents can guide you through our affordable, comprehensive renters insurance policies in Mountain View, CA so you can get the level of coverage you need.

Is Umbrella Insurance Right for You?

Are you considering purchasing insurance coverage above and beyond your current auto or homeowners insurance policy? Watch this video to find out if umbrella insurance may be right for you.

While basic homeowners insurance and auto insurance are sufficient for many people, others will require additional coverage in the form of motorcycle or watercraft insurance. In addition to these specialized areas, umbrella insurance gives you coverage over and above the liability that these individual policies provide. This extra layer of coverage is necessary if you want to protect your pricey investments.

Learn more about umbrella insurance, homeowners insurance, and auto insurance by contacting Damberger’s Insurance Company today. You can reach us at (650) 969-8445.

Choosing the Right Amount of Insurance Coverage for Your Home

When it comes to homeowners insurance in Mountain View, CA, you have almost limitless options. Not all homeowners insurance is alike, which is why it is so important to meet with an agent in person. As you weigh your choices, make sure you take into account the standard policy, extra options, and extended coverage when you buy homeowners insurance.

Standard Policy

All homeowners insurance policies will protect your property, including your home and its contents, if there is a fire, theft, or disaster. Your homeowners insurance will also cover any liabilities that arise from an accident on your property. For example, if a visitor slips and falls, your homeowners insurance will pay for his or her medical care. While a standard homeowners insurance policy insures that you will be reimbursed for damaged or lost possessions, there is a limit to how much an individual homeowner can be compensated.

Extra Options

Many people add on extra options to round out their homeowners insurance coverage. For example, standard policies generally do not cover floods or earthquakes. In western states, homeowners are generally required by law to purchase earthquake insurance and flood insurance. In states where they are not, property owners typically opt into these coverage options as the risk of flood and earthquake are simply too high.

Extended Coverage

When you consider your homeowners insurance or renters insurance options, you may also opt into extended coverage. Umbrella insurance covers your prized possessions above and beyond what a standard policy can reimburse you. If you have valuable artwork or vehicles, you should consider extended coverage.

Explore your options for homeowners insurance and renters insurance further. Contact Damberger’s Insurance Company by calling us at (650) 969-8445. A member of our professional insurance team can meet with you to discuss your choices for insurance coverage and carriers. When it comes to your property and possessions, it is important to get the insurance you need to feel safe and secure.

Answers to Common Questions About Car Insurance for Teens

Looking for auto insurance does not have to be overwhelming. While teenagers do face higher auto insurance rates, there are many things parents and teens can do to find affordable coverage. If you’re son or daughter is learning how to drive and you need to find affordable auto insurance in Mountain View, CA, the answers the following questions about teen car insurance should help.

Can I Add My Son or Daughter to My Policy?

Not only can you add your teenage driver to your existing auto insurance policy, it is almost always a good idea to do so. While teens can be insured separately, buying auto insurance for the whole family is significantly cheaper. In addition, most insurance providers will not charge extra until your teen driver actually gets his or her license. .

How Can I Cut Auto Insurance Costs?

Teen auto insurance may be slightly pricier, but both kids and parents can take many steps to reduce expenses on their ends. For example, most auto insurance providers offer discounts for teen auto insurance when a young driver maintains a B average. In fact, your teen can save you up to 25% by getting good grades. Additionally, makes and models of cars with proven track records for safety can dramatically reduce teen auto insurance rates.

What Happens If a Teen Incurs Driving Penalties?

Your car insurance deductible will increase if your teen gets into accidents. Additionally, teen speeding tickets, DUIs, and traffic infractions can make your auto insurance costs go up. To avoid increasing your auto insurance rates, make sure to teach your teenage driver safe roadway habits.

Whether you need auto insurance for your new teen driver or want to inquire about a policy for yourself, look no further than Damberger’s Insurance Company. Our experienced auto insurance agents are here to meet all your needs. In addition to auto insurance, we also offer comprehensive home insurance. Call us at (650) 969-8445 today.

Do You Need Insurance on a Car You Don't Drive?

In the age of multiple car ownership, it is an important question to ask: Should I have auto insurance on cars I don’t drive? You might be rebuilding a car and won’t drive it for awhile, or your children might be away at college and don’t need the extra car. There could be many reasons why you’re not driving a car right now, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you don’t need coverage.

Every state has different laws regarding auto insurance and the cars it covers; be sure to thoroughly check applicable laws when considering your options. Some insurance agencies might offer storage protection plans. These could work for military personnel who won’t have access to their vehicles for an extended period. Different policies, such as those with “comprehensive only”, might apply to those wishing to protect their vehicle in the event of vandalism, weather damage, and theft.

Are you interested in learning about your protection options? Damberger’s Insurance Agency has auto insurance serving Mountain View, CA, and we’re here to keep you secure. Call us at (650) 419-8636 to discuss all of your insurance needs in California.

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